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Our Team


Thomas Barnum
Chief Executive Officer and Chief Operations Officer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 312
Mobile: (916) 761-5389

Thomas Barnum founded Barnum Mechanical Inc. (BMI) in 1980 and has served as CEO ever since. He combines a strong engineering background in welding and fitting with a deep knowledge of process management in the food and beverage industry. Recognized as an expert in the design, building and installation of sanitary process piping systems, Tom has successfully engineered solutions for Coca-Cola, Sierra Nevada Brewery, E & J Gallo, California Olive Ranch, Kraft Foods and many other companies. BMI customers rely heavily on his consulting and troubleshooting expertise when they need to improve output at their processing plants. Due to Tom’s proven track record in the industry, BMI develops long-term relationships with customers. As CEO, Tom believes in leading by example. He expects from employees what he expects from himself: an unwavering work ethic and commitment to doing what is right for customers.


Annie Neff, PHR
Director of Administration
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 303
Mobile: (916) 838-3558

Annie joined BMI in 2002. She oversees the company’s human resources, insurance, bonding, contract administration and negotiation, and comprehensive safety program. Annie has a BS from the University of California at Santa Barbara and previously worked as an occupational safety instructor and OSHA trainer.


Bob Talbott, CCIFP
Chief Financial Officer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 301

Bob joined BMI in 2012 bringing with him more than 25 years’ experience in construction financial management. He is responsible for all the company’s financial activities, including accounting, budgeting, reporting and analysis. Bob is a Certified Construction Industry Financial Professional, holding a BS from the University of California at Davis and an MBA from Santa Clara University.


Chad Hayes
VP of Operations
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 304
Mobile: (916) 834-7747

Chad has worked in the process piping industry since 1995 and has been a BMI project manager since 1999. He began his career as a certified welder/fitter, and quickly advanced to his current position. In addition to managing projects, Chad works with new customers to create comprehensive design and build packages. He also helps existing customers improve their process designs.



Doug Cornwell
Systems Automation Designer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 322
Mobile: (916) 759-6408

Doug has worked in systems automation since 1997 and joined the BMI team in 2006. At BMI Doug designs automated processing systems, including fully documented PLC programs, graphical HMI applications, data acquisition systems, electrical packages, conduit schedules, routing plans and network topologies. Previously he designed control systems for aseptic food and beverage processing systems and the lumber and mining industries.


Gregory W. Sandell, P.E.
Process Engineer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 308
Mobile: (916) 838-3559

A licensed engineer since 1996, Greg joined BMI in 1999. He specializes in process design and optimization, layout design, P&ID, equipment sizing, hydraulic and heat calculations, thermal processors, aseptic process lines; and many other sanitary piping applications. Greg has an MS in chemical engineering from Colorado State University and a BS in chemical engineering from San Jose State University.


Jacob Godwin, BSME
Systems Automation Designer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 329
Mobile: (530) 518-6942

Jacob came to BMI with a B.S. in Mechatronic Engineering from California State University at Chico. Jacob specializes in electrical packages and ladder logic programming as well operator management systems like Human Machine Interface (HMI) and Operator Interface Terminal (OIT).


Ryan Towry, BSME
Process Engineer
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 330
Mobile: (916) 663-8772

Ryan has a B.S. in Mechanical Engineering from Washington State University and joined the BMI team in 2012 after working as a Process Engineer in Alaska for 4 years. His fabrication and machining experience coupled with his process design expertise makes Ryan a very well rounded engineer.

Project Management


Dave Currier
Project Manager
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 315
Mobile: (916) 716-3179

Dave has worked in the process piping industry since 1980 and has been a BMI project manager since 1997. He began his career as a pipefitter and steadily advanced to his current position. In addition to managing projects, Dave specializes in beverage process systems for water and juice.


Jason Graham
Project Manager
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 319
Mobile: (916) 716-2307

Jason joined the BMI team in 2001 as a project manager and fabrication shop coordinator. Jason manages all aspects of sanitary process installation, specializing in foods, beer, juice and water.


Lloyd Harris
Project Manager
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 324
Mobile: (916) 802-8488

Lloyd has worked in process piping, fabrication, machine design and plant design since 1987. He joined BMI as a project manager in 2006. Llyod also consults with customers to create and improve their process designs. His specialty is olive oil.

Chris Conway
Sr. Project Administrator
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 355
Mobile: (916) 343-1145

Chris joined BMI in 2013 and brings over 20 years of civil, commercial, industrial, institutional and project management experience for design-build, construction management and general construction.  He provides comprehensive civil improvement and architectural modification services in support of BMI’s client projects and acquires – manages local agency development permitting and regulatory processes.  He has a BS from the State University of New York, is a Certified Planner and a member of the Project Management Institute.


Brian Schatzman, BSMET
Project Development Manager
Phone: (916) 652-7223 ext 326
Mobile: (916) 517-5851

Brian has worked with sanitary process systems since 1986 and joined the BMI team in 2007. He creates comprehensive design and build packages for new customers and improves process designs for existing customers. Brian specializes in dairy, ice cream and yogurt. He has a BS in marine engineering from the California Maritime Academy.