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Safety is not just a requirement for BMI; it is a core function.

SafetyAdherence to safety standards is a requirement throughout our industry. At BMI, safety is a core function that increases our productivity, competitiveness and profitability. We have a dedicated safety director who plays a critical role by ensuring our safety protocols are effective both in-house and at the job site. We empower our employees by giving them the training and tools they need to maintain a safe, incident-free environment. And we rigorously apply modern safety techniques and technologies that protect our personnel while delivering excellent results for our customers.

A systematic approach to safety

BMI takes a systematic approach to safety across the company. Our project managers are OSHA 30 certified and our foremen are OSHA 10 certified. Our skilled journeymen are also trained to adhere to our high safety standards. Project managers perform weekly (and sometimes daily) team safety meetings. At BMI, we take pride in our excellent safety record and work hard to maintain it.